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RENT AND SALE  Jiří Nový +420 732 418 139


Office and  address:
Bartoškova 1411/20, Nusle, 140 00 Praha 4

Basic information about the company

King's brand: : C 169948 by the Registration Court in Prague
Name of subject: LEVNÉ SKLADY s.r.o.
IČO: 24735272 DIČ:CZ24735272
Company address: 
Bartoškova 1411/20, Nusle, 140 00 Praha 4

Bank: UniCredit Bank 210 575 1731/2700

Phone:+420 226 210 523       Fax:+420 226 210 532


Levné skaldy s.r.o. I recommend for very good cooperation and fair hearing. With the services I am very satisfied."

Josef Novák


I would recommend a real estate agency Levné skaldy s.r.o., exactly met our requirements. I represent clients in financial operations, and I know what the market nowadays involves so thank you for your help.

Martina Kovářová


We have been looking for the warehouse where to place our advertising and promotional materials. Levné sklady s.r.o. offered ideal solution.

Adam Polák


For many years I cooperate wit company Levné sklady s.r.o. and I am realy satisfied.

Karel Vanek

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